Another Taser Death: 20-Year-Old Dies in Frederick, Maryland

Jarrel Gray has become the latest fatality in the use of a taser. Gray died at a housing complex in Frederick, Maryland.
More than 7,000 of the nation’s 18,000 law enforcement agencies use tasers despite recent abuses and deaths. According to Amnesty International, 150 people have died in the United States since 2001. For the most recent story, click here

5 thoughts on “Another Taser Death: 20-Year-Old Dies in Frederick, Maryland”

  1. Tasers can be an effective alternative when it is used in the capacity as an alternative to lethal force. The fact of the matter is that law enforcement usually use it when non-lethal force is needed. There are several incidents where 3 – 5 officers are attempting to subdue a suspect and are using tasers. Don’t you think if 5 officers properly trained in hand to hand combat can’t take down 1 man then maybe their combat training leaves much to be desired?

  2. How many of you have fired a Taser? How many have been hit by one? i have done both.Used it once, and been zapped by it twice.
    Yes, it hurts. Terribly. Then you get up and move on. Torture? Not if used within the guidelines.
    Did you know that even handcuffing a suspect can be fatal? yes it can. things like what is known as ‘positional asphyxiation.
    Tasers hurt, but they are used as an alternative to actions that can cause serious physical damage. A choice between severe pain for a few seconds, or physically fighting someone until they are subdued by overwhelming force. You decide.

  3. Once again, some guy, here “Ugh” is excusing the use of unncessary force with crappy argumentation. Also, taser is not an instrument of death, even though it can be lethal, it’s mostly an instrument of torture. Torture at the press of a button. How wonderful is that ? The police is expecting complete submission, submission they say, or else you will suffer.

  4. What are you talking about? This is not a natural event that you can apply statistical rules to-rather it is poses a frightening question regarding the safety of a particular device. The company is clearly in denial. They claim mere coincidence. If I was the company I would also say this. It would save me millions (if not billions) of dollars. But this claim is nonsensical. How many people do you think drop dead in an everyday encounter with police where the device is not used?

  5. So 1 in 2 million a year over 6 years? That puts taser deaths as slightly likely than bleeding out from paper cuts on your New York Times. (And way less likely than being bitten by the teeth on your New York Post.)

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