Bravo: Senate Rejects Retroactive Immunity Deal for Telecoms

The Senate has rejected a retroactive immunity deal for telecommunications companies.  However, lobbyists remain hard at work on some form of immunity and revisiting the issue of retroactive immunity.  In the meantime, courts are hamstrung by privilege assertions over litigating these claims, a matter ripe for congressional review.  For the full story, click here

2 thoughts on “Bravo: Senate Rejects Retroactive Immunity Deal for Telecoms”

  1. This is very good news. I have wondered why they need immunity if the did nothing wrong. If it is decided that something was done illegally than the telecoms should have to face the music.

    I am not sure whty Congress needs to provide retrocative immunity because I have always thought that lawyers have discretion with regard to immunity deals once cases for wrongdoing are in court. If the Congress had acted to grant retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies it would seem to me that this would take discretion away from prosecutors and judges. Am I correct about this?

    I am very glad that the senate rejected immunity.

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