Rep. Filner Enters Plea in Criminal Trespass Case

Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., entered an Alford plea to criminal trespass — avoiding a trial on assault and battery charges over allegations he pushed a United Airlines baggage employee at Dulles International Airport.Under an Alford plea, a defendant merely admits that there is sufficient evidence to convict but does not admit guilt. The plea stems from an Aug. 19th incident where Filner was accused of shoving past a female baggage worker into an employee-only area after his bags were delayed. The baggage worker, Joanne Kay Kunkel, filed a criminal complaint that stated that Filner pushed past other customers, screamed at employees and specifically pushed her. He yelled “You can’t stop me,” according to her complaint.Frankly, Kunkel’s allegations seemed pretty thin for a battery claim. However, like some battery charges filed by police officers, there is a trend to allege battery anytime someone touches an officer. Even the trespass plea seems over-the-top. Unfortunately, it is now all too common. At one time, such matters were handled between adults without filing a criminal complaint. I do not know Filner, but I doubt seriously that was a case for criminal charges, let alone a criminal plea. There is a growing criminalization of such matters that is turning thousands of people into criminals. I am sure that the mere publication of the incident was enough to cause sufficient punishment for any politician.

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  1. Not to sound as an alarmist but isn’t this a classic way to silence dissent (the easy assault charges part of the story). I mean, I’m an Iraq vet who is vehemently opposed to this irresponsible war and I often attend protests. The police are incredibly jumpy and quick to escalate a situation. Especially considering the fact that Provocateurs have at times been used. I mean when virtually anything is now considered assault on a police officer does that not make it incredibly easy for a peaceful protest to be exaggerated by the police as being violent and thus allows the use of a heavy hand. The population is indeed being intimidated.Now, I know its not exactly new but looking at all that is going on with our civil liberties i cant help but fear a police state and sure as hell ain’t what I thought i was fighting for.

    From a recent protest about immigration:
    Some of these border agents and blatantly eager to fire “non-lethal” weapons into the small and loud but, peaceful crowd of kids. One officer clearly fires at a kid in retaliation for something he or someone else said!

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