Saudi Rape Victim Gives Her Chilling Account

In a chilling account, the Saudi woman who was first gang raped and then sentenced to 200 lashes (for being with a male non-family member) has given a full account of her ordeal. The woman’s story is an insight into the plight of woman in a country where they are restricted in their travel and subject to the harshest possible punishments.

The woman stated that she was being hounded by a man, who she knew largely over the telephone. Notably, the man was able to use the strict Saudi rules to coerce her into giving him a picture – threatening to tell her family and husband of their conversations.

When she tried to get the picture back, they were kidnapped and she was brutally beaten and gang raped. Notably the rapists then spread the story of the gang rape throughout her neighborhood. She had kept the attack secret. Once again, it is shocking to see a society where rapists can only speak of their crime — which is viewed as less serious than the fact that they caught a woman in a car with a non-family male.

After her family heard of the boasting of the gang rape, her brother’s reaction was to beat her and try to kill her.

While the Saudis and other such countries claim that woman are not mistreated under their laws, this case sharply contradicts the claims. This type of abuse exposes a deep and ugly cultural flaw vis-a-vis the status of women that shocks the world. It has cost the Saudis greatly and will undermine any future objections to the treatment of people in other countries. The mild reaction of the Bush Administration further undermines our own (dwindling) standing in the world.

In the meantime, where is the ABA on the punishment of her lawyer? Legal organizations throughout the world should be organizing to support both this victim and her lawyer in their struggle.

For her full story, click here

5 thoughts on “Saudi Rape Victim Gives Her Chilling Account”

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  2. I want a Saudi man to forcefully suck my clit and plunge his horse-cock into my pussy.

  3. In the name of some unknown God these people commit brutal and inhuman crimes. These extremeists are real cowards. This is why they attack defenseless women. They preach of discipline and female modesty but these preachers are the worst sex perverts. These idiots have mixed up human ethics and religion.

  4. It completely disgusts me that the Saudi government thinks that the gang rape of a woman is okay and that the raped woman is found to be criminally responsable for the rape. What a sicko society. The civilized world needs to condemn the Saudis by breaking all diplomartic ties and embargoing their assets until this abhorrent inhuman treatment stops.

    Of course, this will nEver happen as the Bush regime and family is joined at The hip with the Saudi ruling family. I just wonder what would be the reaction here if a woman was raped and she was charged for causing it. There would be far more that a major outcry.


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