Federal Appellate Court Rules Against Government in Trentadue Case

Many observers have long believed that there was a federal cover-up in the alleged suicide of Kenneth Trentadue in a federal prison. His brother has long argued that federal officials, not suicide, were behind the death in August 1995. Now, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the federal government’s effort to withhold a critical report on the case.   For a copy of the opinion, click here

The Trentadue case remains highly disturbing with conflicting statements from federal agents, destruction of key evidence, and very suspicious circumstances. Jesse Trentadue has fought for the truth about his brother for years.  It is time for a congressional investigation on the case and for full disclosure of the facts.

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2 thoughts on “Federal Appellate Court Rules Against Government in Trentadue Case”

  1. Thank you for working on this worthy case. One can only hope that truth is like water: it tends to find a way out.

  2. Jonathan:

    Thank you for this article. I worked with Jesse Trentadue in Salt Lake City for several years and am very, very familiar with this story — more detail than I could possibly ever imagine wanting to know, actually (he once shared the video of pictures of Kenneth’s body after the body makeup was removed…). I have tried to maintain contact with Jesse throughout the years when articles are published in the press or elsewhere on this tragedy, as I have been deeply interested in justice for Kenneth and his family. I hope that day will come some day (“soon” is too optimistic a word to use here), so thank you for writing this.

    Sharon Adderly
    Vancouver, Washington

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