Officers Accused of Protecting Fellow Officers From Criminal Charges in Illinois and Georgia

Police have been accused of protecting fellow officers in the high-profile Peterson and Crane cases in Georgia and Illinois.

In Atlanta, Terrill Marion Crane, 47, is the husband of a police sergeant. Media is reporting that police knew seven years ago that he was paying young girls for sex and producing child pornography, but took no action against him. Crane may engaged in sexual acts with at least 11 different minor girls, according to pictures from 1999 to 2002.

In Illinois, Bolingbrook detective Drew Peterson’s wife Kathleen Savio called the plice eighteen times on abuse but could not have him arrested. She was later found dead in 2004 in what is now being investigated as a murder. Peterson’s current wife Stacy is missing and also believe slain. He is a suspect in both cases.

For the Peterson story, click here

For the Crane story, click here

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