No Criminal Charges Against Lori Drew in Megan Meier MySpace Suicide

The prosecutors have made public that they will not charge Lori Drew in the infamous Megan Meier case in which a teenager committed suicide after Drew allegedly created a false and ultimately abusive personality on MySpace.

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The decision is not unexpected nor unreasonable. Megan Meier’s mother agrees that the Drews did not intend to cause Megan’s death. There is not a clear state crime to charge and the current law on the federal books was terribly written and would be challenged if ever used in a court of law. For an earlier entry click here.

The real question is why the Meiers have not sued the Drew in tort for civil liability.

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2 thoughts on “No Criminal Charges Against Lori Drew in Megan Meier MySpace Suicide”

  1. I am disappointed…

    I can only imagine how worn out and, literally, torn apart the Meier’s family is.

    They do have another daughter who needs their care and attention
    – that much they can control.

  2. What do you say with respect to the overzealous, sometimes maniacal persecution of people charged with other internet related crimes?

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