Germany Takes Major Step Toward Ban of Scientology

As noted earlier, Germany is moving toward a ban of Scientology. Now, both federal and state interior ministers have joined the effort to ban Scientology as a danger to the country and its citizens as a cult and criminal enterprise.

Germany has been criticized for its stance against Scientology and recently a Spanish court ordered that Scientology be allowed to list itself as a religion in that country.  Scientology officials decried the German move as “a blatant attempt at justifying the on-going and never-ending discrimination against the Church of Scientology and its members in Germany.

“The debate goes on around the world over the religion founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.  Critics point to death of Lisa McPherson in 1995 and other, even setting up websites like this one Scientology on the other hand has vigorously denied the charges and insists that this is a raw form of discrimination against a new religion.

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  1. When I researched this a few years ago when a branch office opened in my city, I thought the most informative site was Of course, you can always visit the scientology home page for their opposing view.

    As a EE, I can tell you their extensively used detector is not some mystery device. In fact, it is not even complicated.

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