White House Knew of Plan to Destroy CIA Interrogation Tapes

While the President insists that he has “no recollection” of being told about the plan to destroy CIA interrogation tapes, the White House admitted late Friday that former White House Counsel Harriet Miers knew.

ABC News reported that Miers encouraged them not to destroy the tapes. However, the question remains why the White House did not order the CIA to preserve the evidence. Miers was counsel to the President of the United States and was aware of a presumptively unlawful act of the destruction of evidence sought by Congress and courts, including the possible trial of these two detainees.

Like Democrats informed of the plan who remained silent for years, Miers appears to have protected herself by objecting but then doing nothing to prevent the misconduct. Lawyers are under an obligation to take action to prevent illegality, particularly when you hold a high governmental position such as White House counsel.

The Miers disclosure should also trigger question of whether the CIA general counsel and staff knew of the plan. Since the CIA has claimed that this was done in conformity with the law (and the White House counsel was notified), it seems likely that the general counsel was consulted. There is a compelling basis for a criminal investigation here and possible disbarment proceedings, in my view.

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7 thoughts on “White House Knew of Plan to Destroy CIA Interrogation Tapes”

  1. Possible disbarment works for me-as a start!

    JT, you missed my comment about your appearancce on BellO’s subliminIMInal “Best Persons In The World’ segment.

    It’s a good bit, and I stand by it ; )

    You understand that in order for him to be right, he has to make you wrong.

  2. “What a difference between O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann ,where intelligent conversations prevail.”

    “Interesting ,(and all the right wingers do it) , how O’Rielly interrupts as you are destroying his arguements”

    I am notoriously fair-minded but I have to say that it would be impossible for ANY of the print or TV right wing punditry to hold their own in any discussion of ideas with their opposite numbers on the liberal side. Their ideas were discredited 70 years ago and ample arguments exist to tear down any of the ideas they currently espouse.

    They survive by the use of talking over the decisive counterarguments or if in print have the splendid isolation of a column.

    They are all second-raters as thinkers, but first-raters as entertainers.

    There really was a Darwinian-like evolution of this society going on up until the Vietnam War, and these reactionaries had passed out of credibility into the intellectual slums of the fringe. Only the business sector backed counter-revolution was capable of rescuing them from the irrelevance their philosophies had earned for them.

    And now they claim to be mainstream!

  3. It can be a bit of an out-of-body experience. I was happy, however, that he at least criticized the Administration for the destruction of the tapes. You would be astonished (perhaps not) to read some of the incredible attacks that I have received from O’Reilly viewers after the show. I would never have imagined that so many Americans would buy this long-discredited call for torture.

  4. I admire you for appearing O’Reilly’s dumb program and not laughing out loud at some of his ridiculous comments.

    Interesting ,(and all the right wingers do it) , how O’Rielly interrupts as you are destroying his arguements.

    What a difference between O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann ,where intelligent conversations prevail.

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