Pa. Women Gets 10 Years for Use of 4-Week-Old Baby as Weapon

In what may be the year’s most bizarre and horrific criminal case, Chytoria Graham has been sentenced to 10 years after she was convicted of using her four-week-old baby as a weapon by holding it by the feet and swinging it at her boyfriend.

The incident occurred  Oct. 8, 2006, after Graham came home following a night of drinking. According to prosecutors, she grabbed her son, Jarron, by his feet and swung him, hitting the boyfriend.  The baby’s head was fractured, but Jarron recovered.

If anything, the sentence appears a bit light since it involved not just assault but an act that could have easily resulted in Jarron’s death. The role of alcohol may have been a mitigating circumstance.

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One thought on “Pa. Women Gets 10 Years for Use of 4-Week-Old Baby as Weapon”

  1. If a man had used a baby as a weapon, he’d have gotten life, alcohol or no alcohol. But I agree, that sentence does seem a bit lite, particularly given the fact that first timers generally do a shortend sentence and for women this is doubly so. Therefore, I would say it really depends on how much time she’ll actually do. I know judges (the good ones, anyway), factor that into sentences they hand out.

    In California, she’d do a minimum of 8.5 years, since 85% is the absolute best you can do with good time there, and much less in many other states. I don’t know what “good time” gets one in Pa. Hmmmmmm…

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