Officers In Trouble: One Had Gun Stolen by Prostitute; Another Shoots Wife While Practicing a Fast Draw; Another Accused of Stealing a Driver’s Money

There seems to be an increase in officers accused of crossing the thin blue line to free lance in crime. On the same day, New Orleans officer Danny Lohman was accused of stealing a driver’s money in an invalid arrest while Harrisburg, Pa. officer Joseph Kelly resigned after a prostitute that he allegedly hired walked off with his service weapon. In the meantime, Ryan Osbrink in Oregon has admitted to accidently shooting and killing his wife while practicing a fast draw with his service weapon.

Joseph Kelly is accused of soliciting a prostitute, Cara Liddick, only to have her make up with his gun.

In the case of Lohman, Andrea Falcon says that he pulled her over after following her from an ATM. According to her, he asked ‘Why are you going to ATMs, ATMs in our city?’” She said that Falcon told her to put any valuables in the car into her purse, including the $200 in the glove compartment, and told her she was under arrest for unpaid parking tickets. THe problem is that she had not unpaid tickets. She was arrested, booked, and held briefly. When she was released, the money was gone and other officers said that they saw Falcon going through her purse. She has filed a compliant.

In Oregon, there is no allegedly criminality, just tragic negligence. Ryan Osbrink, 24, was scheduled to start his new job as a deputy and was practicing drawing his pistol from a holster when it unintentionally discharged as his wife, Kimberly Osbrink, entered the room. She was hit in the stomach and later died. His first day was scheduled for December 19th. Tragically, Osbrink is a decorated veteran with the Marine Corps and always wanted to serve as a police officer.

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  4. “the thing itself speaks” try learning the facts first, then speaking the truth. anyone can quote what they’ve heard on the 10 o’clock news jackass.

  5. turley is a total idiot. if he was any kind of investigating reporter he would have known that officer lohman’s arrest was completely lawful AND that he was cleared of any wrongdoing after an extensive investigation by the nopd and da’s office. he would also have known that the female is an admitted crack addict whose brother just happens to work at the jail she was taken to and lawfully booked with wreckless operation of a motor vehicle after running half a dozen people off the greater new orleans bridge then refusing to sign a traffic ticket (NOT UNPAID PARKING TICKETS LIKE SHE STATED TO CLUELESS REPORTERS WHO TOOK HER WORD WITHOUT LEARNING THE REAL FACTS)turley also didn’t bother to report that lohman passed a polygraph and that the case was refused by the da’s office twice. officer lohman was cleared of any wrongdoing before this story even surfaced in the media, but thanks to assholes like richard angelico and jonathan turley, his name was dragged thru the mud for something he didn’t do because they have a personal vendetta against law enforcement officials

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