Germany Criminally Punishes Citizens for Anti-Nazi Teeshirts Showing Swastika — and a Dog Named Adolf That Gives Nazi Salute

One of the most controversial laws in Germany is the criminal ban on Nazi symbols. In the United States, such symbols are viewed as both obnoxious and legal. Recently, the Germans prosecuted people who produced teeshirts with an anti-Nazi image: a swastika with a red strip through it. At the same time, a bizarre man in Berlin with pro-Nazi views was prosecuted for, among other things, his dog Adolf’s pet trick of giving the Nazi salute. The dog was taken from his owner, who had promised to kill him on the Fuhrer’s birthday due to the expense of criminal fines.

Known as Roland T, the owner had trained his dog to do his arian trick when ever he screamed “Heil Hitler!”

Germany continues to debate its laws criminalizing Nazi symbols and holocaust denials. It is certainly understandable why such laws were promulgated. However, it is hard to square such laws with basic freedom of speech, association, and other rights. It also restricts academic freedom. As distasteful and hateful as they are, these views can not be truly banned. We have learned that restrictions on free speech rarely achieve their purpose. The best deterrent of hate speech is robust and open debate.

In the U.S., we are having the same debate over efforts to criminalize symbols like nooses and burning crosses.

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2 thoughts on “Germany Criminally Punishes Citizens for Anti-Nazi Teeshirts Showing Swastika — and a Dog Named Adolf That Gives Nazi Salute”

  1. One more time:

    WARNING: This post is NOT about Jamie Lee Spears. Please feel free to disregard!!

    I’m bemused by this saluting-dog! It brings up the issue for American law whether animals have free speech protections.

    Allow me a hypothetical (or two).

    Smith brings on to the bus, a cage with his parrot, Lippy! During the ride Lippy starts screaming “Fire” “Fire”! There is a panic, people trample and injure each other trying to get out of the bus and civil actions against Smith and Lippy are forthcoming.

    Smith brings Lippy to a political rally of GWB and Lippy starts hollering “Impeach!” “Impeach!” Smith tries to shut up Lippy but is unsuccessful, and in the confusion security personnel taser both Lippy and Smith!

    Any federal issues raised?

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