30 Million Americans Identify Themselves as Atheists or Without Religion

As both Democratic and Republican candidates battle for the religious vote and proclaim the importance of faith, they seem to be ignoring or unaware of a huge number of citizens who are atheists or without religion. A recent study shows that the number is 30 million and that number increases exponentially when one adds secularists.

As noted in this recent column, Democrats like Clinton and Obama have been openly vying to close the “God gap” and claiming the mantle of faith as one of their qualifications. Other candidates have openly dismisses members of certain religions or the non-religious from being qualified for office. Thus, under the definition of some of the candidates, 30 million Americans are qualified to led but not to lead.

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3 thoughts on “30 Million Americans Identify Themselves as Atheists or Without Religion”

  1. Yes, professor, but aggressively courting the faithful has proven and well documented results, with votes being bought rather cheaply. Also, it is far easier to court these types, as they tend to have very easily definable wants and goals. This is not so in the case of atheists or agnostics, who are a harder sell. Obama and Clinton have learnt this lesson from the Bushes, who have of learned from their own mistakes in 1992.

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    Allow me a hypothetical (or two).

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