College Student Arrested without Cause, Sent to Hospital, and Then Charged for the Trip

Anne Publicover, a Dalhousie University student, appears to have been arrested for possession of a rodent with intent to pet. Publicover was merely standing before a ban in Halifax when an officer approached her to ask why she was wearing a hoddie and scarf — and carrying a rabbit and a rat. While she explained that it was winter and these were her pets, the officer still arrested her and sent her involuntarily for observation. To make matters worse, Publicover was charged for the transport.

Despite her explanation the officer persisted and asked her whether she was “in psychosis.” He then called for an ambulance, asking ” Well, do you really think it’s normal to be (walking) around with a rabbit in your book bag and a rat in your sweater?”She ended up in custody as did her baby rat, Vincent, and Mr. Bunny Rabbit.

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3 thoughts on “College Student Arrested without Cause, Sent to Hospital, and Then Charged for the Trip”

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  2. And this police officer had the “qualifications” to judge her mental state…how, exactly? Did he also have a medical degree, not to mention a license to practice medicine, to make such a determination as to what is “normal?” My guess, the answer is NO. So he put her under arrest and forced her into an ambulance based on nothing more than his over-inflated opinion. What complete arrogance. Personally, I think HE should have to foot the bill on this unnecessary ambulance ride, but I know that’s never going to happen.

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