Two Army Colonels Accused of Identity Switch to Avoid Paternity Case

Two Army Colonels at the Army War College are facing criminal charges in a perfectly bizarre effort to allegedly switch identities to avoid paternity payments. Col. Scott Carlson, 51, allegedly wanted to avoid paying additional paternity payments for a child with a Virginia woman. So, Bruce Adkins allegedly showed up at a paternity test center, claimed to be Carlson, and asked to take the test. They now face charges of tampering with public records, tampering with evidence, forgery, theft and obstruction of justice.

Carlson appears most at risk since Adkins attorney has said that he is cooperating. Carlson is on duty in Egypt. The charges will no doubt end their military career and could spend some jail time given the high visibility of the case. (Such cases often result in pleas counts to one or two with no or little jail time).

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One thought on “Two Army Colonels Accused of Identity Switch to Avoid Paternity Case”

  1. Carlson is a deadbeat and criminal. Fifty years – what he is facing- behind bars should do us justice. He should have fessed up to his wifey and been a man, no matter how bad it was. Now his kids – legitimate and love child – will no longer respect or want to be around him. You got yours, dirty “bird”.

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