Video of Bush’s African Dance Triggers Call for Ban on Presidential Dancing Outside of Controlled Formal Balls

Ok, I am the only one suggesting it. However, the video below should strongly support a ban on further impromptu presidential dancing.

Bush took off in dance on his African visit as shown in this clip. It is not his first (and it seems his worst) such effort as shown here

In fairness to Bush, cultural ties may make such demonstrations necessary and it is certainly better than the nightmare scene of Boris Yelstin doing his dance, here, which continues to haunt my every waking moment.

Now, if we had a law barring presidential dancing outside of formal ballroom settings, the president could cite the illegality of the act in declining such invitations. Of course, the illegality of acts has not proven a major barrier for President Bush. Yet, this would be a public rather than a secret operation.

Today, a clip of Obama in Texas doing a slight dance may indicate more promising things to come in this department. Obama shows a much more restrained and . . . yes . . . presidential dance technique. For the video, click here.

13 thoughts on “Video of Bush’s African Dance Triggers Call for Ban on Presidential Dancing Outside of Controlled Formal Balls”

  1. VC, I’ll just say I’m glad I missed the “audition” for the political segment of “American Idol.” Thanks for correcting me on the mistaken assumption that none of them sang, though. 🙂

  2. The singing Senators – Ashcroft, Lott, Jeffords with Larry Craig on lead, while managing to avoid adding Jail House Rock – to their repertoire – were Naughty, naughty boys.

    The list is endless with the auditory assaults, but even Huckabee practicing in the garage with his posse can’t top the Spanish Language Whale calling exhibition that Sen. Ted Kennedy presided over last week.

    Fearless is the only word that comes to mind to characterize this kind of chutzpah. Without a bucket to carry a tune in, nor the benefit of a fully functioning larynx, Ted Kennedy howled at the sun, using his right-hand to lead any of the bystanders to join him, should they have been able to catch their breath.

  3. Good point, though this is probably what the Framers meant by the need for limited government.

  4. As bad as the politicians’ attempts at dancing are, it’s still better than if they tried to do something worse — singing. ::::shuddering at the very idea::::

  5. Kucinich wouldn’t have time to dance. He would be going up to the band to see if they were unionized and being treated fairly by their employers.

    Bradbury would write a memo that gave legal sanction to stepping heavily on your partner’s instep.

    Mukasey would say he’s not sure if dancing is movement but will get an internal investigation started.

    Reid would stand helplessly by.

  6. Well, we have not seen the dancing capabilities of McCain. Hillary is not a bad dancer in the formal ball setting if I recall. The test of course is on the campaign trail. The worst dancer must be Al Gore, who I can only imagine in a stiff variation of the bus stop. Libertarian Ron Paul, of course, would only dance alone.

  7. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine “dances”. Are the words “Bush” and “embarrassment” always be used in the same sentence or is it just a coincidence?

  8. Thanks for sharing, JT – now I’ll be having those Yeltsin nightmares, too!

    In seriousness though, perhaps if I were African, I might have considered Bush to be mocking my style of dance!

  9. Indeed, he does need a few lessons. However, he is not in the Boris Yeltsin class. I think even the Bunny Hop would be a better alternative than whatever he was attempting in Africa. This may be an issue to explore with the nominees during their debates. We have Dancing for the Stars after all.

  10. With all due respect regarding your ‘fairness’ comments and demonstrative diplomacy – it would be nice if the President knew a different step. He always seems to fall immediately into the ” … pants-on-fire” choreography. Perhaps it’s just habit.

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