Taser Use Drops After Ottawa Introduces “Responsibility Pay”

An interesting story on tasers has come out of Canada. In Ottawa, the police department instituted special “responsibility pay” if they regularly took a course on the proper use of force. The result appears to be a sharp drop in the use of force and tasers.

In all of Ottawa, tasers were used only a dozen times by officers last year — a rate that is a fraction of most U.S. departments of the same size.
Physical control and use of weapons were also at record lows.

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5 thoughts on “Taser Use Drops After Ottawa Introduces “Responsibility Pay””

  1. The Crisis Prevention Institute has been around for 30 years-in the beginning primarily for human services professionals.

    Crisis Intervention Training for law enforcement personnel has gained in popularity among Police Department Units and Sheriff Departments, especially in the past 8 years or so in the United States.

    Check out what UVA is doing with their summer program.


  2. EXCELLENT! For Canada anyway. I can only hope that this kind of responsibility and common sense will be adopted in U.S. police forces nationwide as quickly as possible. Both have been conspicuously absent in the training of too many U.S. law enforcement officers, especially in most recent years.

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