Another Police Officer Shoots Wife Accidentally

Riley Taylor, 54, accidentally shot and killed his wife at a family function in Georgia. This follows another recent case of an accidental spousal shooting by an officer.

Taylor shoot his wife, Denise, while cleaning his gun. Click here for the story.

This follows the equally tragic accident in Oregon of a new officer to shot and killed his wife while practicing a fast draw. Click here.

5 thoughts on “Another Police Officer Shoots Wife Accidentally”

  1. It actually appears that the matter is closed and that there will be no indictments after being ruled an accident by police.

  2. and further more if it really was he needs a desk and no bullets Barney Fife style

  3. I really don’t think this was an accident, the first cop yeah OK plausable but the second one while cleaning his gun? no way watch for indictments on this one bet!!!

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