I’ll File, You Drive: 8 Year Old Passes Law School Entrance Exam

If you are hiring a lawyer in Brazil, you may want to be sure to call before Dora the Explorer comes on. Joao Victor Portellinha recently passed the entrance test for law school despite the fact that he is in the fifth grade.

It may be a good idea for the government to take another look at the test, particularly the coloring section and match words-to-pictures section. Since eight year olds are still required to use safety seats in the U.S., getting swiftly to court could be a problem, but perhaps the standards of practice or driving are different in Brazil.

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One thought on “I’ll File, You Drive: 8 Year Old Passes Law School Entrance Exam”

  1. An interesting twist. We occasionally hear of child geniuses with early admissions to the academy, but usually they are mathematicians or physicists, etc. usually scientists.

    Now what would be the effect on the Law for it to have its own Newton, Gauss, or Einstein? What revolution could a genius in Law effect?

    Think on this question, it reveals interesting reflections on what Law is as a discipline and as a body of knowledge.
    Now an off-topic aside. I notice an influx of polemical posts that seem driven by partisan motivations. Since this is by our Host’s intention, a law blog, I’m not sure that this new class of poster understands the purpose of the blog which is to discuss topics which have primarily legal ramifications.

    If things continue unabated, the temper of this blog will undergo an alteration and not one I favor. The heat will go up and off-topic poster-to-poster wars will skyrocket. I urge and pray that all posters here work to prevent that sad decline. There are numerous sites available for angry wars between “liberals” and “conservatives”. I was hoping this blog would not become one such.

    The present Administration, the Congressional Democrats, and other actors all have come under criticism here repeatedly, but only in the context of actions that have ramifications in the Law. I don’t believe our Host ever intended this blog to be a water-carrier for one party or another or for one political philosophy or another.

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