Tanks Don’t Kill People . . . : Videos Show the Potential of Tank Torts

A recent video shows a drunk soldiers taking a Russian tank out of a spin, hitting a house and terrorizing a family. As these videos indicate, however, tanking for fun is not just a Russian past time.

We have yet to see a tort action for tank torts, but it would make for an interesting question. Negligence (including negligence per se) would be easy to establish as would conversion and trespass to chattel. But how about strict liability for ultrahazardous activities? Obviously, a professional and sober driver can operate a battle tank without the risk of great bodily injury. However, a drunk or amateur driver would be likely to cause such injury. We may have to wait to see, but I am not giving up on tank torts as an area of potential expansion for the bar.

For the Russian tank video, click here.

For the U.S. tank video, click here