YouTube Removes Video of Puppy Being Thrown Off Cliff by Marine

YouTube has again attracted controversy by pulling a video. This time it has removed the video of Marine David Motari throwing a puppy off a cliff as shown below in a different link. The company appears unwilling to recognize that some disturbing videos serve an important public interest, as with the torture videos that it removed earlier involving the Egyptian  and Russian abuse .

Youtube took off the 17-second Internet video clip “due to terms of use violation.” This is also the reason it removed videos like those showing Russian abuse. Click here

It is not clear why the company seems intent avoiding having any impact beyond jokes and teenager stunts. Youtube can have an enormous impact on public policy and reform by allowing people to see abuse. If no one had filmed Motari’s cruelty, it is doubtful that he would have faced any punishment at all. The power of a video has been demonstrated in countless cases of police abuse. Youtube’s acts of self-censorship will increase demands for an alternative site that shows more social conscience and awareness.

For the video from another link, click here

11 thoughts on “YouTube Removes Video of Puppy Being Thrown Off Cliff by Marine”

  1. GIVE THE SOLDIER A BREAK every1 makes misstakes and the video can be a fake so no1 knows , stop crying over nothing is a fake just to get famaous

  2. JT, you just wait until ‘Puddles’, Panchito to you, shows up on your doorstep with his canine camera crew and little shih tzu Cam to address some reported annoying aspect of your behavior.

    Then, you’ll be sorry.

  3. Shame on YouTube, but that video can’t ever be buried. Too many people are too angry to let that happen. I only hope the guys who made it get what they deserve.

  4. The one who threw the puppy off the cliff is cruel. The one who decided to film it is dumb.

  5. Arabella:

    You are right. Those puppies put the infamous Puddles to shame.

  6. I think a site such as Wikileaks might be a good idea. Those involved with that site went the distance when the American web page was shut down. There were immediate back up sites and backup copies being made all over the world. That was impressive. Wikitube anyone?

  7. Unfortunately, my computer system is so old I can’t download the software necessary to view any YouTube videos for the present. But I agree that YouTube can have a tremendous and even a positive impact on public policy by allowing the public at large to see real abuse,thereby motivate people to make demands for change. It would be a shame indeed if it started censoring itself because others complain about it.

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