Florida Appellate Judge Accused of Helping Stripper Shield Funds

Judge Thomas E. Stringer Sr., who sits on the 2nd District Court of Appeals in Florida is facing allegations that he helped a stripper hide over $300,000 from creditors. Stringer admits a relationship but denies a direct role in the concealment of money to help Christy Yamanaka, a New York City stripper. Stringer’s controversy is not unique on the bench.

Yamanaka told reporter that the judge allowed her to put the money into his bank account so that credit card companies could not claim the money. Stringer admits that he had a personal and business relationship and that Yamanaka lived in a home in Hawaii that he owned. To make matters worse, the stripper is saying that the judge stole the money and that she intends to sue him for the funds. If so, he could face a civil action for conversion with very troubling discovery.

Stringer’s scandal occurs at the same time that the chief judge of the U.S. Denver district court faces allegations of hiring prostitutes, click here.

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  1. I suppose that this is the naked truth.

    Former appeals Judge Thomas E. Stringer Sr. disbarred

    Stringer’s attorney, John Lauro, said the judge voluntarily sought disbarment following his guilty plea to a bank fraud charge in August.

    “Judge Stringer has had a long and distinguished career as an attorney, but in light of recent developments, he felt that it was necessary to resign from the bar voluntarily,” Lauro said.


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