Dupre Sings: Prostitute Given Immunity and Reportedly Testified Before Grand Jury

In a remarkable development, prosecutors appear to have granted immunity to call girl
Ashley Alexandra Dupré to testify in a grand jury investigation. It appears that Dupre could succeed in securing a windfall contract while avoiding any serious criminal charge.

As discussed here, Dupre could have been charged with a variety of crimes as well as sued civilly by Spitzer’s wife. The grant of immunity is likely “use immunity” rather than “transactional immunity.” The latter would give her immunity for any crimes. Use immunity only protects her from having her testimony used directly or indirectly against her. However, as Oliver North showed, use immunity often undermines any prosecution in a high-profile case.

Dupre reportedly appeared before a Manhattan federal grand jury probing Emperors Club VIP and Spitzer’s use of the call girl ring.

The deal reflects a more serious focus beyond just the interstate conspiracy regarding prostitution. Investigators are reportedly looking into whether Spitzer used campaign funds for these sexual services. If true, it would be even more remarkable since Spitzer fought this type of corruption his whole career.

If Dupre has avoided criminal charges through cooperation (or agreed to some minor charge), it would be quite a turn around for the call girl given the reported offer of a $1 million photo contract with Hustler magazine.
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