Video: Pocket Machine Gun to Take the Mass Out of Massacre

Only recently, the world was given the first two-inch gun. Now, for those looking for more firepower but less bulk, there is the pocket collapsible “machine gun.”

It is far from clear what the niche may be for smaller machine guns or handguns. Beyond terrorists and really tiny felons, the downsizing of serious weaponry does not fit the sportsman model of gun ownership. Yet, just as the Supreme Court is considering recognizing an individual right of gun ownership, the market is about to make available some serious firearms that rival the Mac Air in compact and light features.

I have been told that this is not an actual machine gun, though the design would appear equally promising for both automatic and semi-automatic products. Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention. This thing can fit in your back pocket as the perfect accessory for the locked-and-loaded metro male (and an excellent addition to the pocket fisherman for sports enthusiasts).

For the video, click here

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  1. Hi Patty,

    Thanks for the additional info. I know cheney claims things, just as you said. Still his theory of himself has never been tested. He evidently took the executive part of himself by suprise. I suppose he fancies himself senator from the great state of undisclosed location. So I do wonder, with his really shakey opinion of himself as a legal bifurcate, has he done some real damage to the unitary executive? I don’t know the answer to that Patty and would like to hear what you and others think! At least the congress should defund his office as they had threatened to do the last time he made this type of claim. Thanks again for all the good info. in your posts.


  2. It is unusual, and I’m not sure it matters for the filing, but as you know our Veep acts as president pro tempore of the Senate, occasionally and that is also where he picks up his check, which he’s decided makes him Legislative – except, of course, when he’s claiming Executive privilege. 🙂


    WASHINGTON — Vice President Cheney took the unusual step Friday of joining with lawmakers in signing a Supreme Court brief that goes further in support of gun rights than the one submitted by the Bush administration.

    The filings were made in a case that challenges the District of Columbia’s ban on handguns. It was scheduled to be argued on March 18.

    Both briefs argue that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own guns. However, the administration contends that too categorical a ruling could threaten other federal gun restrictions and wants the justices to send the case back to lower courts without deciding whether the handgun ban should fall.

    Cheney joined more than 300 senators and representatives, led by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, who want the court to rule that Washington’s ban is unconstitutional.

    “The vice president believes strongly in Second Amendment rights,” Cheney spokeswoman Megan Mitchell said.

    Seventeen Democratic lawmakers and District of Columbia Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton urged the court to uphold the ban.

    Lawyers with long experience at the court could not recall another case in which a vice president took a position different from that of his own administration.

  3. Just listening to NPR-ISN about the supreme court case. I understand that Dick is filing has brief as a member of the senate but isn’t this a pretty clear instance of a non-unitary executive? That along with the fact that everyone who doesn’t unitarily agree with cheney and bush are fired or leave to spend more time with their families!

  4. JT didn’t invent use of the word “machine gun” – it’s in the video describing the prototype weapon which has no plan for production, presently.

  5. This video shows nothing more than a firearm that a technician added a collapsing stock and forearm grip. The technician in the video tells you that the base firearm they used was a handgun. It is not a “machine gun” anymore than my 22 calibur semi-automatic rifle is a “machine gun”. It is stupid to call it a “machine gun”. If you do not know the difference between a semi-automatic or a full automatic you need to stop posting articles about them and either intentionally or unknowingly misrepresenting the content in the headline.

    I am stunned that a man of your caliber would be as uninformed as you demonstrated here.

  6. My GOD Jonathan, it is a Glock HANDGUN with a bunch of accessories constructed around it.

    It is NOT A MACHINE GUN! It is a standard Glock Handgun that they shaved down and then installed a standard and LEGAL 30 shot magazine. IT is not even a FULL AUTOMATIC since you would need a special expensive and hard to get Firearms License to own it were it a full automatic versus a semi automatic. But since you don’t have a CLUE about firearms, it is useless trying to educate you. Why don’t you go to a conceal & carry class and smarten up about firearms.

    I thought you were a “professor” but you are such a rabid anti-gunner that you will print anything to matter how WRONG and never make an attempt to educate yourself.

    As far as the world’s smallest handgun, it shoots a pellet at 400 feet per second, not even as fast as a BB gun! But be careful with it, you could shoot your eye out!

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