Negligent Lap Dance: Man Sues Over Injurious Lap Dance

Securities trader Stephen Chang could well create new law with his lawsuit in New York. There are copious cases on medical malpractice, legal malpractice, but now he would like to create a law of stripper malpractice after lap dancer negligently swiveled and hit him in the face with the heel of her shoe. This is only the latest addition to a growing number of cases in the area of stripper jurisprudence.

Chang expected better at the Hot Lap Dance Club near Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. It was 1 am and Chang was looking for some good, wholesome, and competent lap dancing. Instead, when the dancer swung around , her heel caught Chang and forced him “to sustain serious injuries” — injuries he did not pay to experience.

Chang may have gotten off light. The club claims to have “hand picked” performers with “killer bodies.”

Strip clubs are a magnet for litigation, particularly over astonish bills. Some clients, as here, have morning after regrets when they find tens of thousands of dollars went to strippers and booze. There are also a steady stream of constitutional cases involving strip clubs, as here.

A couple of judges are even caught up in stripper-based scandals — expanding the jurisprudence of stripper law. Click here.

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  1. hm. if he’s suing the restaurant, would the heightened standard of care apply? or just the standard of care used by strippers practicing in the locality?

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