Law Enforcement Officer Sued City Over Police Abuse

An interesting police abuse case has been filed in Nevada. Federal agent Brad Hare is suing the Henderson police department over a beating he allegedly received when officers were called by a disgruntled pool opponent.

Hare was playing pool in bar when his opponent became combative and told him that he was tight with the local Henderson police and could have him arrested. Three officers then showed up and Hare said he was immediately thrown on the pool tabl, dragged out of the bar in a “pain-compliance arm-bar hold,” and then thrown on the hood of a car. It would be a standard account of police abuse until Hare announced that he was a federal agent.

Hare said that, after identifying himself (but not his agency, which remains undisclosed), the officers left him in an alley. Notably, he is complaining that when he tried to find out the identity of the officers and filed a police internal affairs report, he was effectively ignored.
He now alleges that, due to the beating, he is unable to work and has suffered mental anguish. He is asked for damages above $1 million.

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