Eggs, Coloring, Crucifixion Nails: Man Celebrates Easter with 22nd Crucifixion

Easter for Roman Catholic Ruben Enaje is a little more involved than the standard run to the store for a couple dozen eggs and fake basket grass. Enaje likes it a bit more real, so he annually has himself crucified to honor the Lord. He will be only one of 19 this year. As the videos below indicate, this is a common practice and comes on the heels of a health instruction in the Philippines on how to properly whip yourself with hygienic whips.

Enaje is a 47-year-old decorator whose most notable wall hanging is himself. This year, 19 men in the northern Philippines village of San Pedro Cutud will be crucified. In Enaje’s case, he has only missed one year eight years ago due to a stomach ulcer. Hmmmmm. I am a juris doctor, not a medical doctor, but I wonder if the annual crucifixion added any stress to the ulcer issue.

For video of both the crucifixion and whip traditions, click here.

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