Ready to Serve: Clinton Aide Sidney Blumenthal To Plead Guilty to DWI

2190248533_6ffd62f705_o.jpg Sidney Blumenthal, a top aide to Hillary Clinton and a past aide to Bill Clinton, will plead guilty in New Hampshire to drunk driving. It makes this a particularly bad day for the Sen. Clinton. She is being pummeled by questions over her Iraq vote after the death count passed 4000. Gov. Richardson not only endorsed Obama but criticized her campaign for “gutter” tactics. And then there is the release of the video below debunking a claim that she made concerning a landing in Bosnia under sniper fire as first lady . . . and its only Monday.

Blumenthal was arrested on Jan. 7 while driving under the influence, click here. He pleaded guilty shortly before his trial.

Under the plea to driving while intoxicated with enhanced penalties, Sidney Blumenthal will reportedly lose his license for a year and a half.
He will also pay a $750 fine plus a 20 percent penalty fee assessed as well as undergo an alcohol intervention program.

If that was not bad enough for the Clinton campaign, the video below is the rage on the Internet. Clinton has been arguing that her eight years as first lady qualify as “experience” that Obama does not have. But, in claiming a harrowing landing in Bosnia, critics have charged that she radically misrepresented the event, which appears pleasant and commonplace. The campaign insists that she just misspoke but “misspoke” hardly seems to capture a story about a virtual crash landing, sniper fire, and running to cars. What is most striking about this video is how the campaigns are now tailoring such products for the Internet and specifically YouTube.

For the video, click here

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  1. Thank you. (Reaching for a tums in the desk drawer)

    Bureaucrats are the buffering mechanism between the effects of political appointee agendas (except when we ourselves are political appointees) and the running of government as a whole. A necessary shock absorber and energy diffuser! 🙂

    Now excuse me, I have to get back to my “Quarterly Report of Delinquent Reports Reports”.


  2. depply worried:

    It’s wonderful and I have added the generator to my Bookmarks. By the way, don’t deprecate your role. By my reckoning you “bureaucrats” have saved the Republic twice in my lifetime. First when Kennedy was assassinated, the bureaucracy kept the government going and prevented an over-reaction of cataclysmic proportions. Second, when Nixon decided to run rough-shod over the Constitution, the bureaucracy held back his advances and brought his crowd to their well-deserved end. Not all battlefields have crater filled landscapes and shattered vegetation, some have window-less walls, and well-heated chairs.

  3. Susan:

    Battery is the intentional offensive touching of a person or something closely associated with the person. For example, if I am angered at you and strike the glass you are holding in your hand that’s a battery. Similarly, if I am smitten with your beauty and lay a peck on your cheek I am likewise a batterer. Also, if I am your surgeon and perform a procedure that you did not consent to in advance, I have committed battery on you despite the beneficial effects of the operation. The law presumes the dignity of your person and no one has the right to lay hands on you or something closely associated with you without your consent. I defer to our resident law professor on this, but this is my understanding of the offense/tort.

  4. news – rabbit hole caution

    Impeachment update

    WE hear the real reason CLINTON was not impeached and BUSH will not be impeached is because they were and are PRESIDENT of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES and they can not impeach without exposing this greatest of all scams. D.C., States, Municipalities, the IRS, all government departments and agencies such as the DOJ have been incorporated and this is all part and parcel of how the Constitutional Republic was overthrown without a shot being fired except to kill many of those who devoted their lives to exposing these truths. This is what SENIOR meant when he said “if they find out what we have done they (meaning us) will hang us from the lamp post”. Now government employee’s in D.C. are suddenly awaking to the fact they are working for the “swamp creature”, i.e. the CORPORATE UNITED STATES not for the American people and they are asking for instant education. They are ignorant and innocent except at the higher levels and are now waking up to the TREASONOUS CONDUCT of those they work for and until recently, respected. WE don’t have time to do everything. These “exposures” (of the CORP. U.S.) have been on the net for several years. If you would like to be of assistance please send the articles you have archived to Mr Bellringer at so they may be referenced by the government employee’s in D.C. who are suddenly requesting same.

  5. I’m just a bit curious on how police would charge “battery” for actions that didn’t actually cause any kind of physical harm or injury to anyone. It seems to me that “battery” in such a case is the wrong charge to use, but I’ll ask Mespo and JT to clarify that for me, as I’m a bit muddled. I just don’t get why that would apply, and it seems it’s being a bit overused, but that’s just me.

  6. niblet:

    If the facts are as you say, and there was a significant harm done to innocent bystanders, and further, if the perpetrators have means to pay a judgment, I ‘ll take your bet. I’ll go one further. Under my conditions, there will be lawyers willing to take both cases. Let’s not tar the profession because they represent unpopular causes or individuals. It’s our duty and one we take pride– not shame– in. Shoot, I’d even represent you!

  7. Six people were arrested at Holy Name parish’s auditorium Sunday after disrupting an Easter mass to protest the Iraq war.

    The group—whose female and male members identified themselves as Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War—stood up at the beginning of Cardinal Francis George’s homily and shouted their opposition to the conflict, which marked its fifth anniversary last week. As security guards and ushers tried to remove them from the service, the demonstrators squirted fake blood on themselves and parishioners dressed in their Easter finery.

    The red substance, which one protester later described as “stage blood,” initially drew gasps and a few terrified yelps from the 600 worshipers at the mass. The shock, however, quickly transformed into anger as people booed the six while they were escorted from the parish auditorium.
    The perpetrators:

    The protesters were all charged with felony criminal damage to property and two counts of simple battery for squirting the blood around the auditorium and onto worshipers’ clothes, authorities said. Chicago police identified the six arrested as Donte D. Smith, 18; Ephran Ramirez Jr., 22; Ryane Ziemba, 25; Mercedes Phinaih, 18; Regan Maher, 25; and Angela Haban, 20.

    I am waiting for attorneys to rush forward to sue those accused on behalf of all the parishioners & children that were scared out of their wits, assaulted with what they thought was blood, and now may be afraid of further attacks and have lost a freedom to attend worship. I bet there isn’t a single attorney that will go after them but I bet two dozen come to defend these animals.

  8. If he only had a 24 year old hotty as a live-in girlfriend like your hero Keith Olbermann you wouldn’t be on his case.

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