Video: Streetwalking Lawyers

The video below shows the less known, more seedy aspect of our work.

It is true that times are tough for lawyers. Congress is falling over itself about homeowners, wounded troops, and even broke Wall Street firms. But what about the lawyers who have been reduced to hunters and gatherers for clients?

Hopefully, this video will draw some attention to their plight. The point is that, next time you see a lawyer on the street, don’t just pass him by. Give him a billable hour and both of you will be better for it.

7 thoughts on “Video: Streetwalking Lawyers”

  1. Nibbles, if the day ever comes when YOU get in trouble with the law for one reason or another, who are you going to call? Come on, you already know the answer.

  2. nibbles:

    Just doing what we always do! You’ll be a customer sooner or later. All the sanctimonious ones always are you know.

  3. See mespo, there goes what they call a
    ‘barred red ‘n white Lefty’s deceiver’…

  4. How true, attorneys in the USA have been acting like whores for 40 years or more.

  5. Can you get a three-piece navy pinstripe with short-shorts
    in Vegas, ya think?

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