Wife and Mother Go to Court Over Dead Soldier’s Sperm

Kynesha Dhanoolal, the widow of a soldier killed in Iraq this week, has had to go to court to secure a restraining order against her mother-in-law to prevent the embalming of her husband’s body before she can harvest her husband sperm. This posthumous insemination is becoming more common with the advancement of science and the law.

Army Sgt. Dayne Darren Dhanoolal, 26, was killed while driving a Husky mine-detecting vehicle. He hit a mine. he was driving in Iraq. He was a combat engineer with Fort Benning’s 2nd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment.

He died intestate (without a will) but designated his mother as the person authorized to handle his remains upon death.

As artificial insemination increases in use, cases are multiplying as well, click here and here and here.
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2 thoughts on “Wife and Mother Go to Court Over Dead Soldier’s Sperm”

  1. This is terribly sad. It’s also a reminder that if some post-death event is important to you (children’s needs, or inheritance, for example) then you need to put it in writing. Don’t rely on it just working out.

  2. This story is sad from every perspective. His mother and his wife are no doubt disoriented from Dayne’s death and not in a good position to make important decisions. I’m so sorry for this young man’s death and for his family.

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