Illinois Hospital Sued over Switching Babies

The Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion, Illinois is facing a lawsuit over the switching of two babies and sending them home with the wrong parents. Notably, 17-year-old Kassie Hopkins said that she spotted the problem immediately, but Mary Jo Bathon (who had the same suspicions) went home with Hopkins baby.

It should be an interesting case because the separation was only brief. However, the emotional distress in such a circumstance is enormous. The mothers do not know if their babies are being protected or cared for. The babies are being breastfed by other women. It could be a difficult matter to sort out in terms of damages — the negligence seems clear. The lawsuits are vague on damages, only stating (in standard form) that monetary damages should be more than $50,000 for each woman. They are asking for jury trial.

The switch occurred after a circumcision. Bathon’s son, Hunter Allen Bathon, and Hopkins’ son, Riley Howard Spencer, were taken at the same time for the procedure but their identifications were reversed. Later, DNA tests showed the switch. It is bizarre that identification badges are even removed today after so many such cases and new technology to avoid switches or thefts of babies.

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5 thoughts on “Illinois Hospital Sued over Switching Babies”

  1. “mespo blames americans for creating sue happy lawyers when in fact it is the attorneys dangling cash over Americans heads.”

    Of course, because attorneys can sue whoever they want whenever they want. They don’t need standing or a client pulling at their shirt sleeve whining “I have rights damn it, here’s my money, do something.”

    Attorneys don’t draft more and more complex contracts for unscrupulous people who keep finding new and unique ways to breach their agreements; no, attorneys love drafting and proof reading increasingly complex boilerplate more than baseball and apple pie.

    BTW, what’s the weather like on your planet?

  2. mespo blames americans for creating sue happy lawyers when in fact it is the attorneys dangling cash over Americans heads.

  3. betta:

    I am guessing we attorneys are magicians too since we keep conjuring up all those clients out of thin air. Next time your kid gets taken away from you by neglect, I want you to practice what you preach and put out your hand and shake away. I think envy still is a deadly sin. False generalities should be, and vilifying people for doing their job is worse than a sin — it’s just plain dumb.

  4. Used to be a good apology and hand shake were all that were needed to satisfy people that were the victims of other’s mistakes in life.

    No more! We have an attorney for every 100 households in the USA and that attorney needs to feed his family, buy a BMW, get a 50 foot sailboat, and of course that 4,500 square foot house in the gated community and THAT takes money!

    If all that luxury he/she requires takes $300,000 per year that means every household has to contribute in one form or another $3,000 towards the attorney’s upkeep.

    We better all find second jobs….well, at least 99 out of 100 households need to.

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