Video: Doctors Accused of Filming Surgery Face Dismissal and Lawsuit

Doctors and nurses in Manila face dismissal and litigation after a bizarre filming of the removal of a can from a patient’s rectum. The three-minute film was then put on Youtube. The video below presents a similar allegation to a recent case in the United States.

A video posted on YouTube show Philippine doctors laughing as they remove a 6-inch long canister from a male patient’s rectum. At the removal, someone shouts, “Baby out!” as the doctors and nurses laugh and cheer. A doctor then removed the cap from the canister and sprayed the crowd with its content.
There were 10 people involved and litigation is being considered by the 39-year-old patient. The medical emergency followed a New Year’s drinking spree and a “one-night stand” with a male partner.

The case is strikingly similar to the recent controversy over a Mayo Clinic doctor filming a patient’s member, click here.

For the video, click here.
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