Atheist in the Foxhole: Soldier Sues Gates for Discrimination

Soldier Jeremy Hall is the atheist in the foxhole that everyone says does not exist. Perhaps for that reason, some people seem quite upset to find him there – debunking the idea that belief in God is a prerequisite for being a good soldier. Hale, 23, is now suing Defense Secretary Roberts Gates over what he claims is harassment and discrimination over his non-religious views.

Hall says that he has been called a devil worshipper and an assortment of other names (my favorite is “gay” in the juvenile view of many for anyone who is not like them).

Ironically, Hall did not start to question the existence of God until he joined the argument, turning away from his Protestant upbringing.

Hall’s account, if true, indicates that even senior officers are not just prejudiced against atheists but act like certifiable morons. In 2007, Hall’s protective shield took hits as he defended his Humvee in a firefight. His commander confronted him with the bullet holes as proof that God must exist and asked if he now accepted God. Hall responded “no, but I believe in Plexigas.”

Hall identified, Maj. Freddy J. Welborn, as one of the most intolerant officers, blocking a meeting of atheists in Iraq. Welborn denies the charges.

After his lawsuit was filed, the Army said that it could not protect him from the hostility of the other soldiers and pulled him back to Fort Riley.

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8 thoughts on “Atheist in the Foxhole: Soldier Sues Gates for Discrimination”

  1. I find this ridiculous. Obviously, there are atheists in foxholes, and the fact that they are there means that they are doing their job. That should be respected in the military just as it should be in the private sector. I hope he wins because this is something that should not be tolerated in a free country where we have the right to choose our religion. Of course, we’ve seen plenty of evidence lately that that is not necessarily the case–especially when the media gets involved.

  2. Niblet:

    “This guy has issues. His fellow soldiers are right to be wary of him and the military has every right to take whatever steps they see necessary to assure unit cohesion.”

    My uncle, a decorated, army platoon sergeant who served through the desegregation of the armed forces, told me that was the same reasoning employed to support the racist policy of segregating the troops. Tell me, do you see a pattern among the reactionary elements of our society? They really are not very creative.

  3. Susan:

    I certainly enjoy seeing that the conflating of Christian charity and martial vigor is back in vogue. Like Twain said, the report of its demise was quite exaggerated. As we all can see, it certainly inured to the benefit of Jeremy Hall and quite as expected. Shipped back to Ft. Riley after facing hostile fire, he must surely now understand that catchy lyric, “we shall know they are Christians by their love.” I should ask, was the “hostile fire” from the Iraqi insurgents?

  4. JT, this is the usual religionist nonsense from people who are supposed to be not only Christians (you know, the old “judge not, lest ye be judged” philosophy), but also soldiers whose only purpose is serving their country, both in overseas active duty and at home. From what I have read in the news story, Mr. Hall has been doing just that.

    The only “issues” he has are with those who have been harassing him unnecessarily and unjustly for being what they have been saying “doesn’t exist,” which is an “atheist in a foxhole.” Their unfair treatment of Mr. Hall is a perfect illustration of what we (secularists) call a christian hypocrite. There are obviously plenty of THOSE in foxholes.

  5. This guy has issues. His fellow soldiers are right to be wary of him and the military has every right to take whatever steps they see necessary to assure unit cohesion.

  6. JT,

    I am unable to get to the full story link. It loops back to your original posting. Perhaps my computer is being punished for being, in part, made of plexiglass, and serving as an idol to Mr. Hall.



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