Austrian Father Confesses to Imprisoning and Raping Daughter for 24 Years

It may be the longest false imprisonment case in history. A 73-year-old man known only for now as Mr. F., has confessed in Amstetten, Austria to keeping his daughter (known as Elisabeth F) in a prison in his cellar for 24 years while he raped her and had children with her. They had a total of seven children and further confessed that one of the children (a twin) died and was burned in his oven. It is without question one of the most disgusting and disturbing crimes of the century.

The daughter is now 42 and reportedly “very disturbed” after being held in a tiny space for most of her adult years. She was first imprisoned when she was 18 in 1984.

The crime was disclosed after one of their daughter, 19, was hospitalized — the staff found a note from her biological mother asking for help.

DNA confirmed that her “grandfather” was really her father.

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10 thoughts on “Austrian Father Confesses to Imprisoning and Raping Daughter for 24 Years”

  1. how many people on this blog are actually living or housed in prison? just wonderin for my peace of mind….

  2. This man is deserved to die not to live in prison. Hope someone will kill him inside the prison

  3. this guy is my hero, a true legend. I can only hope one day to have a daughter of my own and rape her for 27 years, beating his record by 3

  4. omg i can’t believe it… how can a person just do that??????

    here in argentina it happened something similar… is just sad to see the world like that.

  5. i have no word nor i can imagine of the act done by this person, he should be punished if proved and if some associate they should be punished badely.

  6. commoner:

    I am with you on this one. This guy is proof that only most of us evolved from lower species.

  7. Looks like you jumped the gun with your “Worst People On the Planet” post. This guy is absolute scum. Like anyone on this blog I want to beat that face to a pulp. I find it strange that the above poster ascribes religous reasons for this guys depravity; it seems to me to be the actions of a criminally insane and incredibly cruel man, rather than a man conflicted by religous mores.

  8. NIblet:

    Well with guys like Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggert, Pat Robertson, Rev. Wright, Cardinal Bernard Law, and formerly Jerry Falwell, minding the flock who could doubt those figures. I do concede that the flock does much better in comparison with the shepherds.

  9. For every 1 person that goes astray and commits foul deeds, religion keeps 50 or more on the straight and narrow road to a moral good society.

    Sure a lot of Christian bashers around here.

  10. This case here is the clear-cut example of what’ll be the repercussion of our repressed society and policing morals and imposed holy sermons. This is not that Mr. X has done that. There are millions among us whos is as same as Mr.X of this case – may be psychologically, we never ventured into doing that. Double standards, hypocrisy, preaching one thing to our children and practising the opposite in the backyard is the daily affair that is going in our society – both at political and religious domains.

    If we search the backyards of our holy religious palaces, we find rampant cases of “black skeletons” of all kinds of sins and scandals of extreme dsegrees that go unnoticed otherwise. As long as Hypocrisy rules this world, this kind of things are bound to be there on an increasing scale. We need to accept reality, we need to be more open, rather than pretending to be what we are not.

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