Michigan Professor Temporarily Loses Custody of Son Over Oversight at Baseball Game

Once again, one has to wonder where we find some of the bureaucrats who run agencies like child protective services. University of Michigan Christopher Ratte, 47, made an innocent and understandable mistake at a Detroit Tiger’s game at Comerica Park. He bought his 7-year-old son a lemonade without understanding that it had alcohol. The result? The boy was taken from his parents for two days and Ratte had to move out of the home as subintelligent bureaucrats debated the matter.

At issue in the controversy is the most obvious mistake — indeed one made by hundreds if not thousands of people each week. Ratte bought Mike’s Lemonade without knowing that it was not simply lemonade sold at a baseball park. A security guard spotted the boy drinking the hard lemonade and confronted Ratte. Ratte was shocked and said that he didn’t know. That was not good enough for the police and child protective services.

The question now is whether anyone will be fired over this outrage. Obviously, CPS could have continued to investigate without taking away this child from his family. The harm to the boy and the family was the meaningless actions of CPS. If a father loses his son to a foster home and has to move out of his home, what happens to the CPS officials responsible for this thoughtless act?

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