Shock Video: Muslim Faithful Toss Babies from Indian Tower in 500-Year-Old Ritual

Muslims in the Indian state of Maharastra in the video below are shown tossing babies off a tower in a 500 year old tradition. While we would call the ritual child abuse, it apparently is called tradition in India — and an honor for the parents and terrified baby.

The bizarre ritual is carried out each year at the Baba Sheikh Umar Saheb Dargah temple, which I believe translates to “they who throw infants from great height to please God” temple.

The locals insist that the babies are not harmed — except for that little part of being thrown from a high tower and scared half to death.

For the video, click here.

8 thoughts on “Shock Video: Muslim Faithful Toss Babies from Indian Tower in 500-Year-Old Ritual”

  1. This may be a silly custom, but as has been previously mentioned, few are harmed and neither Indians nor Muslims have a monopoly on silly customs. However, I read JT’s story about the 22 year old
    Sikh(sp) upper caste member who threw a 6 year old child of a lower caste into burning embers to her death because he accused the child of trespassing. Now, THAT’S a custom I find truly disturbing–and not a Muslim in sight.

  2. VC:
    You may have a point that backwards traditions are not the exclusive practices of Muslims. What’s that circumcision thing all about anyway?

  3. Soooo, this is where Michael Jackson learned his parenting skills? It all makes sense now.

  4. JT:

    You seem to be really into bashing the backward traditions of Muslim countries/cultures/practices. It’s true practices such as these are backward. But your observations seem to be selective. I haven’t been reading here that long, but so far I don’t see you mocking any backward Christian and Jewish traditions. And when a rabbi recently made a statement advocating genocide, you basically said he couldn’t possibly have meant what his words actually said.

  5. No Niblet AL Gore did not start this tradition.

    Saw the video yesterday on Univision tv. Gotta tell you the Priest launcher is pretty good. Univision, as they are want to do, showed this video 50 times from different angles and the babies landed perfectly.

    They say humans only use 5% of their brain. 4% must be set aside for amusement. How did this start? Did the first test baby make it? Was the wood lander to rough? Is the stretched skin the final deal? I rated the catch top notch, the landing excellent, the drop totally awesome and the participant a cry baby. (Satire folks)

  6. “The locals insist that the babies are not harmed.”

    I wonder if I could get the acrophobia therapy concessions in Maharastra? Seems like an up and coming place for business. The sky is truly the limit.

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