Goin’ Campin’

Dear Beloved Readers:

I am taking the little livestock camping today, so there may be an interruption in Saturday’s blog entries. Should I return alive from this experience, I hope to be blogging again by Sunday. If you do not hear from me by Sunday, send the dogs.


26 thoughts on “Goin’ Campin’”

  1. Hi Binx,

    Oh, that makes more sense! I thought you had cautioned me that you had changed the names so I was kind of puzzled.

    The light dawns. If this is just the story, I can’t wait for the book!

  2. LOL … Art Carney was really Art Carney and his brother Ned was really Ned; but you were pulling my leg right?

  3. Thanks kindly Binx. I went up to your delightful site and read the short story..would love to know “Art Carney’s” real name! Best wishes.

    Patty C, I hope we get to do the wooooo hoooos w/Yoo! I can’t believe he’s not fighting the subpoena. As for Addington–if he appears (and that’s a big if) I would guess he will pull the executive privilege blanket, or the lawyer-client confidentiality coverlet over his testimony, or less likely, plead the Fifth. He probably won’t do the latter as Congress may lack a legal theory on any criminality he might be guilty of.

    My theory is misprision of felony, but that’s just me….

    Jill, they actually were very tasty! If I am really lucky I won’t be tasting them again any time soon!

  4. So, the unfortunately named Providence (kind of like the Sunset Manor nursing home here) sneaks in alternative medicine at feeding time. That apple juice was apple prepared as a homeopathic remedy. (I bet the apple like smell came from a factory in NJ though!).

    Loved your review. Those jello cubes sound divine!


  5. Welcome back!

    I, for one fully expect you to keep me briefed.

    p.s. I’ve been waiting to wooohooo over yoo know whooo nooos… 🙂

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