Hosing the Hoosiers: Was the Clip Showing Clinton Adviser Calling Indiania Voters “Sh–” Doctored?

Mickey Kantor was a close advisor to Bill Clinton, served as his Secretary of Commerce, and is currently a top advisor to Hillary Clinton. He is now being pursued after the video clip below surfaced — reportedly showing him calling Indiana voters “sh–” and “white n—-ers.” Yet, the maker of the film is now saying that it was doctored while the editor denies changing any words on the video.

The clip was taken as part of the movie War Room. It would be a remarkably moronic moment for someone who would later hold great power in the Clinton administration. The video below has received hundreds of thousands of hits in a very short time on the Internet, just as Clinton makes her push for the critical Indiana primary. Clinton is currently making headway on undecided voters, click here. It seems unlikely that Kantor will be working as a warm up speaker for any Hoosier rallies.

Yet, as reported here, D.A. Pennebacker, the director of “The War Room” is saying that it is untrue. That would raise an interesting legal issue. Anyone who is responsible for the doctoring would be guilty of defamation and false light. It would be worth pursuing such a case, which would allow discovery of posters. The editor of the video, however, insists that he enhanced the audio but did not change it.

If doctored, there is little hope for Sidney Blumenthal as the sole occupant of the campaign doghouse.

For the video, click here

2 thoughts on “Hosing the Hoosiers: Was the Clip Showing Clinton Adviser Calling Indiania Voters “Sh–” Doctored?”

  1. You can judge a man by what he does when he thinks others are not watching. By the way, I spent a week in Indiana one day, so maybe I do empathize just a little.

  2. Things like this keep bringing me back to the question of how do we know what is accurate information given today’s technology. I’m not saying we should throw in the towel on this problem. It’s a question that worries me because it truly is difficult to find good answers.

    With current technology and a bad will (plus a lazy press) one can create all types of mischief (certainly the bush-cheney people are proof of that). Also, things get crazy on the net very quickly. Sometimes the entire story is not revealed until damage has been done. So how do I figure all this out?

    I try to stand back and gather as much information as possible before making an evaluation, but obviously that doesn’t always work. As to the technological tricks, I just don’t have the knowledge base to find those out all that well.

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