Iraqis Are Outraged at Suggestion that They Pay Part of War Costs Through Fuel

It was bad enough when polls of Iraqis were polled as overwhelmingly supporting attacks on U.S. personnel. Now, Iraqi officials have expressed absolute outrage at the suggestion that they should bear a small fraction of the costs of the war through cheap fuel for the U.S. military. Iraqi officials have said that the U.S. has a greater debt to pay Iraq and that the request is “immoral.”

With costs projected as high as $2 trillion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (with an additional $108 billion in war funding just sought by the Bush Administration), some in Congress made the modest suggestion that the Iraqis provide fuel for the military. Here is the response from Abdul Basit, the head of Iraq’s Supreme Board of Audit: “America has hardly even begun to repay its debt to Iraq. This is an immoral request because we didn’t ask them to come to Iraq, and before they came in 2003 we didn’t have all these needs.”

Now, let’s take account of the current view from Iraq. Attacks on U.S. personnel is permissible and moral. The U.S. has lost roughly 4000 people with tens of thousands of wounded, but it still have a greater debt to pay for ridding the country of Saddam Hussein. Finally, Iraq can demand such sacrifice, but should not be asked to contribute a dime for the effort. Sounds like a good deal, why is everyone so mad at Bush?

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26 thoughts on “Iraqis Are Outraged at Suggestion that They Pay Part of War Costs Through Fuel”

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  2. America will have to pay for the reconstruction because otherwise the Iraqi people might get angry enough to overthrow this US puppet regime (before they become too powerful) and there goes the no-bid US oil contracts. If Obama was smart, he’d cancel those contracts if he gets elected and have Iraq allow bidding.

  3. Have any of you actually read the UN’s Agenda 21 ? I suggest you read it and study up on the truth of the UN..which is not a peace keeper.
    I agree we should never have been involved in this war in the first place, not unlike Vietnam. But it is all political and war is a major money maker for most all of our politicians ( lawyers/attorneys) and the corporate elitists. However, knowing their are always innocent people harmed by war……….it does not make the American people responsible for rebuilding their country or bringing them here to take care of them as we are doing. Perhaps checking the personal bank accounts of our politicians and also their elitists while checking how many have financially benefitted handsomely on this war…we need to look to them for a solution making them accountable to help pay for it all..People have had wars and conquered nations since the beginning of time. None of you would be here in this country had it not been for trail blazing and conquering. Nations throughout the middle east have also had endless wars and fighting…had they not they would not be so void of emotion in strapping bombs to their own children. As for ones that are claimed Christians in Iraq I find it an amazing oxymoron how our own Christians in America back this war and the Bush Administration..The Congress jumped from Republican to Demoncrat and still nothing has changed, The war continues, Congress continues to hand out the money and the common lower to middle class American citizens pay the price for all of it. It is time we come home and take care of the needs of our own country and the American citizens here who have lost jobs, homes, insurance and hope. Poverty abounds here.

  4. Puzzling wrote:

    The Iraqi government installed by the United States is “negotiating” for multiple-decade oil rights contracts from Iraq to the likes of Exxon and BP.

    Now you’ve hit on the core issue of the invasion/occupation, the surge and the fathom timetable for leaving. The only thing keeping us in Iraq, other than the intransigence of that petulant child in the White House unable to own up to his huge blunder, is the finalization of the oil deals. Note that when the Kurds signed compacts with China last year for the development of some of their oil, the US went ballistic because no US-based companies were included in the bidding.

    You’ll remember that early on in the marketing stages of this disaster, Bush told international countries and companies that unless they participated in the attack of Iraq they would be left out of getting a share the spoils.

    I’ve been saying this since the sabres began to rattle in 2002 and I believe it more strongly each day. I am convinced that the decision to invade Iraq, for it’s oil, yes, but as much for other reasons was made by Cheney and Rumsfeld well before they selected GWBush to be their sock puppet Presidential candidate for 2000. I believe these two thugs with some military brass (think recent NYT article about retired generals as war cheerleaders) and defense industry executives decided to A) finish the Gulf War with the invasion of Baghdad they had envisioned but didn’t get; B) depose and execute Saddam as vengence for an alleged assasination attempt on Bush I; C) execute Saddam as he knows too many secrets about the chemical weapons delivered in the ’80’s by Bush I, Cheney and Rumsfeld; D) isolate and surround Iran; E) provide the political cover of the moniker “war time President” to assert their push for unitary president; F) through (E), provide lucrative no-bid contracts to members of their cabal and, finally; E) get the oil.

  5. Puzzling, please understand the ‘spin’ has to do with money and power NOT the morals and common sense which you and I, and those of ‘us’
    (ie educated AND sane people) here, all share and agree upon.

    We get it – it’s both laughable AND infuriating at the same time.

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