Florida High School Teacher Fired Over Internet Pictures and Part-Time Work

We have seen a disturbing increase in police department and schools firing people over their conduct in their private time and lives. We can now add the case of Tiffany Shepherd, a Biology high school teacher from Port St Lucie, Florida. When school officials saw the photos linked below, they fired Shepherd who worked as a “bikini girl” on charter fishing boats.

It appears that some charter boats have bikini girls who sometimes work topless. Shepherd is accused of working such a part-time job. Due to the continuing meager salaries given to teachers, many work part time to be able to continue to teach. My question is why Shepherd’s part-time job is anyone’s business so long as it is legal.

We have seen similar cases of terminations of police officers, click here and here

The outrage of state officials would be more compelling if they paid an adequate wage to teachers. Nevertheless, we seem to be losing any sense of separation between a work life and a private life.

For the full story and pictures (which seem a bit tame for all of this outrage), click here.

33 thoughts on “Florida High School Teacher Fired Over Internet Pictures and Part-Time Work”

  1. Tiffany Shepard is now also porn actress AKA Leah Lust. The fact that many United States Judges are addicted to online pornography and are old enough to be culturally senile allowed the Reno v ACLU, (96-511) mistake that built the [sic]”internet” of anonymous wire communications pornography.

    http://TheEndofPornbyWire.org is the beginning of the end of this free speech demon.

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  3. Everybody wants to make extra income, especially when you can do it at the comfort of your own home.

    The only way that I can see possible for people to be making part time income would be through the Internet.

    I know six first steps to make part time income.

  4. Frank:

    I’m glad you feel you’re making good money and that you feel that you have decent benefits. I’m assuming that you also have decent union representation. I’m also assuming that you have no family, or a small one, or a spouse that works. Perhaps you also have a home with a mortgage, so you have deductions . . . because after taxes, in our current economy, 56k is not that much – especially for a teacher educating our new citizens and especially when we stop to think about the hedge fund managers that only pay 15% tax rate on their annual bonuses.

    From this story, it appears that this teacher was subject to an annual contract. We are not told what benefits she had, nor what her salary was under the annual contract. We do know that she was a single Mom with three kids. Gosh, I think we’re all hoping that her children were covered under the health benefits provided under her contract (Were health benefits provided under the contract? We don’t know that yet.)

    Anyone that knows teachers, knows that they work 10-12 hour days (between class time and class prep), that they often supplement meager school supplies out of their own meager salary (I’m thinking of the starting wages here – while you say you’ve been a elementary school teacher for seven years in PA, we don’t know how long before that you may have taught in other schools – or how much time you may have taken off to get additional teaching credentials – at your own expense – in order to bump up your salary). And a lot of folks know that many teachers don’t have their summers “free” – they are often required to take remedial courses or training to maintain their certification; other teachers, on their own initiative, take additional classes over the summer to be better teachers.

    I guess what I’m saying Frank is that I doubt very much that you’re a teacher, or that you actually know any teachers. And no, I’m not a teacher myself but I do know a few and I’m always thankful for the sacrifices they make in their lives (even if ditto-bots will never appreciate it). But Frank, if you actually are a teacher, thanks (but please, learn to be a little less judgmental – or at least learn to get all the facts before jumping to conclusions, you’re a teacher for gosh sakes and you’re supposed to be teaching children to think rationally!).


  5. Although I agree with the point of the story, why is it that the myth that teachers don’t make good money continues to be perpetuated? The average teachers salary in the US is almost $50,000 and you get summers off. I’ve been an elementary teacher in PA for seven years and make $56.000, have summers off and a have fantastic benefits. My sister and uncle are both high school teachers and both make more money than I do.

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