Video: Police Officer’s Incriminated by Her Own Dashboard Cam in Accident

Former Palm Beach police officer Molly Olson has lost her job after a crash with her police cruiser was captured on her own dashboard cam on December 25, 2006. After first denying the accident, Olson later blamed her medication, particularly her use of Ambien the night before. The video below shows the crash and her bizarre denial. This week, her termination was upheld.

Olson dashboard cam shows her swerving around Palm Beach, almost hitting various people and then hitting some parked cars.

On the video below, Olson conversation with her Captain is recorded after he confronts her:

Olson: “I didn’t hit anything.”

Captain: “Well, obviously you did, Molly, you got all this damage here. I got another guy saw you swerving all over the road.”

Olson: “I was on my cell phone. I wasn’t swerving all over the road.”

For the specific charges against Olson, click here.

For the video, click here.