Audio: 911 Operator Appears to Fall Asleep in the Midst of an Emergency Call

In the audio tape below, a 911 operator in Memphis is recorded snoring as a terrified caller tries to get help as a stranger is breaking into her home. “Lisa” was shocked when the line went quiet and then she heard snoring — not exactly a comforting response in an imminent attack situation.

On the tape, Lisa desperately seeks help after she was robbed at gunpoint that night and now heard someone trying to break in.

“I just heard tapping on my window, I need somebody over here,” Lisa says.

What follows is one minute of silence followed by snoring.

She then asks “Are you there? (silence)

Dispatcher: “Yes, ma’am, what is the um, what’s your address?”


For the tape, click here

3 thoughts on “Audio: 911 Operator Appears to Fall Asleep in the Midst of an Emergency Call”

  1. Methinks a prescription drug at work.

    “Never take this medication during your normal waking hours, unless you have a full 7 to 8 hours to dedicate to sleeping.”

    Shades of Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

  2. Uh, the Americans with Disabilities Act will protect this worker.

    An attorney, at 25 to 35% of the settlement of course, would get her millions if she loses her job. It would be pointed out she may have a serious disease like Narcolepsy……..and the jury will be convinced that somehow if it was them they would want a jury to give them millions, also……….

  3. Caught sleeping on the job = fired. Caught sleeping on the job when you are a 911 operator/dispatcher = fired + public exposure & riducle.

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