Judge Pearson Returns With New Suit (lawsuit, that is)

For Judge Roy Pearson, made infamous worldwide with his $54 million law suit over a missing pair of pants from a cleaners, has now filed yet another lawsuit. This time, he is seeking $1 million to get his job back plus damages. On one level, this is an improvement of 54 times over his last lawsuit, but he is still likely to be taken to the cleaners again in court.

Pearon now alleges that he was whistleblower who wrongfully dismissed for exposing corruption within the Office of Administrative Hearings where he worked.

The problem is that after his term expired in May 2007, it was the D.C. Commission on Selection and Tenure of Administrative Law Judges who voted not to reappoint him. Pearson had a right to fire against the dry cleaners. However, he appeared unstable and unhinged during the litigation and made ridiculous demands. The result was to become an international joke and to embarrass both the bar and the court system. People miss understood that the legal system had to run its course and that Pearson never had a credible case. Instead, the case was treated as an example of American law run amok.

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One thought on “Judge Pearson Returns With New Suit (lawsuit, that is)”

  1. Oh no, not THIS moron again. I’m sorry, but this “judge” doesn’t even deserve the title at this point. Anyone who would make such a public spectacle of himself over something as ridiculous as a missing pair of pants should be found guilty of “excessive moronic tendencies” and removed from the bench as well. I doubt this pathetic excuse for a “case” will be taken any more seriously than the first one.

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