Olmert Accused of Bribery; Refuses to Resign Unless Indicted

Israeli is facing yet another high-ranking official accused of bribery. This time it is Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who has admitted to taking cash from New York financier Morris Talansky. Any indictment would likely be set back for peace efforts given Olmert’s support for negotiations with Palestinians.

Olmert went on national television to deny taking bribes. Reports indicate that he accepted thousands of dollars from Talansky. He insists that Talansky was financing his campaigns and he did not accept the money for himself. On the face of the allegations, there still appears a basic element missing: use of official authority or powers to help Talansky. The question becomes bribery to do what?

Nevertheless, after the jailing of the son of Ariel Sharon, there is obviously a problem in Israeli politics with both campaign financing laws and corruption.

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10 thoughts on “Olmert Accused of Bribery; Refuses to Resign Unless Indicted”

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  2. Interesting. I’m not sure why you feel that we have absolutely no claim to lands we won in wars started by surrounding Arab states who refused to recognize the original UN partition and sought our annihilation. Umm, maybe we should have a little say in how the final borders look? And you haven’t addressed my major point that there are tons of open-minded Israelis who want peace and care about your plight. Maybe if you reigned in Hamas and their ilk and finally amended your charter, we’d feel that there was someone to negotiate with.

  3. Dunce, your moniker is apt. The wall is not about security. If it were, it would have been built on the green line (the internationally recognized border based on the 1949 armistice line), not deep in Palestinan territory. The wall is about annexation, and the israeli govt has admitted this in court documents among other places.

    There are so many examples of Israeli aggression, brutality and mendacity to choose from. But when it comes to dealing with a “good faith” interlocuter, it’s pretty obvious no good faith exists when they are actively building settlements – i.e. colonizing – your land. Anyway, that’s the least of their crimes.

    As far as Palestinian reason, Abbas (a mere figurehead who doesn’t represent the people) has been unreasonably reasonable. Giving up 80%, and then another 40% of the 20%, of the land to a party that is building a wall around that land.

  4. Cool. I think smart people like JT and most of the commenters on this blog would agree that Israel has done some questionable things. They would also agree that Israel has had to contend with perhaps some of the most trying circumstances and has, on the whole, responded to them reasonably and in good faith. I’d like you to show me another country who’s highest court has blocked/placed restraints on what many see as essential to national security (e.g., the security wall) because it found that it would unduly burden the very population it views as a threat (i.e., the Palestinians). Tell us we have no heart.

  5. I believe International Criminal Court documents contain the definition of genocide so you can Google it. I would link to articles referring to Israeli actions in Gaza as genocide, but there are so many of them it would take me all afternoon.

  6. How about by first defining what the term “genocide” is instead of abusing it every time you feel slighted? I want peace and it hurts me when civilians on your side get hurt. Why can’t you be like me?

  7. how does one respond to genocide soberly and open mindedly?

  8. VC, you’re an idiot. Maybe if there were more sober, open-minded people on your side of the aisle, we’d get somewhere. But go on, quote revisionist history and continue making outrageous statements.

  9. Peace efforts? Would you please be so kind as to put those words in quotes? You don’t really believe these “negotiations” are about peace, do you? Thank you.

    Israeli logic: war crimes of every variety have been the stock and trade of every single Israeli government since 1948, yet bribery just will not do.

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