Red State Update: Advice on Democratic Primary

A friend of mine on one of the Democratic campaigns sent this video to me. With West Virginia today, it is advice from a Red State to Democratic voters to make up their mind. It is pretty funny.

If you are tired of the political commentary that says the same thing over and over again, these guys at least offer an element of unspoken honesty — not to mention unrestrained profanity.

[Warning: bad language]. For the video, click here.

4 thoughts on “Red State Update: Advice on Democratic Primary”

  1. very funny….
    what’s not funny is that there REALLY ARE people out
    there like these two….
    catch NASCAR and look in the stands….

  2. Maybe West Virginia will return to its roots. The only State that ever seceded from the Confederacy, in a way. Perhaps they’ll secede from the shackles of misinformation. Although, that twang that Hillary likes to trot out seems mighty convincing.

    In a recent article we drew likenesses of Hillary to Wile E. Coyote, however the last line of this video sums up the McAuliffe Fox audition, currently referred to as the HRC campaign – in a nutshell.

  3. We tramped all the way over Laural Mountain so we could see this here tv thang in a box…take that cowbell off that billy goat. No wonder yor mamma’s near crazy.

    How they get them people in that box? Don’t no young’un. Just watch um”.

    I declare, look e yonder. That one sittin’ on the rite’ sure fancied hisself. He’s alfull perty.

    Grandpa! What a hoot. Everybody knows you don’t get overalls that clean scrubbin’ um’ on a rock.

    Why they talking so fast?

    I seen a better beard on Aint Lettie May’s sister, Gracie May. We oughta let crazy Emma’s boy Billy Ray out from under the house so he can sic’ um’.

    Whats an E’lection? Here tell its sumptin that Senator Byrd fella said in 1776.

    “I suppose that if the more than one million mountains in West Virginia were leveled flat, the state would reach all the way to Texas. In any event, its boundaries extend farther north than Pittsburgh, farther south than Richmond the capital of the Old Confederacy, as far east as Buffalo, New York, and as far west as Columbus, Ohio. It is the most southern of the northern and the most northern of the southern; the most eastern of the western and the most western of the eastern. It is where the East says good morning to the West, and where Yankee Doodle and Dixie kiss each other good night! It is the state that is ‘wild and wonderful’ and ‘almost heaven,’ with its beautiful hills and its law-abiding, God-fearing, and patriotic people.”

  4. This is fabulous! It’s both flaming and subtle. I wish the real ads were like this!

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