Video: Anchor Sue Simmons Drops “F Bomb” on Air

New York WNBC anchor Sue Simmons shocked many when she screamed the “F” word during a live teaser in the video below. While radio uses a delay, television remains truly live — preventing quick action to block such transmissions. This is not unique as these other videos indicate.

What is a bit weird is the calm Simmons who immediately returns and apologizes for the slip.

She tells the viewers:

“We need to acknowledge an unfortunate mistake that i made in one of the teases we bring to you before this program. While we were live, just after 10 o’clock, I said a word that many people find offensive. I’m truly sorry it was a mistake on my part and I sincerely apologize.”

A few years ago, CBS Arthur Chi’en was fired for using the word to deal with morons from the Opie & Anthony show, in this video. I thought the termination was a bit severe under the circumstances.

The Internet is also showing an outburst from Bill O’Reilly, though to be fair, this was an outburst off the air. After Drudge posted it,it has become a sensation even though it is quite dated. Click here.

For the full story on the New York anchor, click here

For the video, click here

4 thoughts on “Video: Anchor Sue Simmons Drops “F Bomb” on Air”

  1. That was a great video. For what it is worth, the reporter did the right thing to try to apologize right away. I don’t know if it will help. Maybe Niblet can represent her.

  2. i truely hope a drunk fuel truck driver runs into your house and kills you and your entire family.

  3. My children heard her and I want to sue for damages for millions because I fear they have been damaged for life. I posted an “attorney wanted” ad on and I have 45,312 responses from attorneys so far……

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