Pakistanis Burn Robbers Alive in Growing Trend

In Karachi, citizens carried out their own justice after finding two men stealing from a bus. The beart them severely and then set them on fire. Previously, three robbers were burned alive. [Warning: the link below has graphic images]

Crime in Karachi is on the rise with deaths reported in cases where thieves rob people for their cell phones (worth $15).

In the latest case, older citizens tried to intervene but were pushed back. Even the ambulance driver was attacked when he sought to help the men.

For the full story, click here.

2 thoughts on “Pakistanis Burn Robbers Alive in Growing Trend”

  1. But I thought Senator Biden & Senator Hagel went to Pakistan to influence the elections to bring about positive change by helping ouster Mushareff’s party.

    You mean 20/20 Hindsight Joe Biden screwed up by getting a government elected that will allow Taliban style justice take hold?

    Do you suppose BLOATED WOODTICK Keith Olbermann will discuss the mistakes Biden & Hagle made by going to Pakistan and rooting for the party that said they would let the Taliban out of Pakistan jails?

    Of course not. BLOATEd WOODTICK Keith Olbermann will blame Bush.

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