Goin’ Campin’ on Sunday

There will be a delay on Sunday in new postings due to a camping trip with two of the rugrats.

For those who feel empty and lost in the morning, take heart: imagine going camping with a dozen second and third grade cub scouts. Feel better?

You know that you have urban children when they pack rolling bags for the camping trip.

I hope to post between our return and the George Washington Law School graduation — if I return at all.

9 thoughts on “Goin’ Campin’ on Sunday”

  1. JT:

    That’s right silence is bad–very bad. The grizzly bear was a good idea but hard to come by in the wilds of Virginia. Maybe a turkey would work?

    Once, I was managing a 14 year old little league game as a courtesy for the coach who was absent. Trying to show my knowledge of baseball, I called for the bunt with a runner at third and the game on the line. Unfortunately, my math was off as the count was 2 & 2. The bunt went predictably foul, losing the game. After the game, not a word was spoken in derision, and I apologized profusely to this very good team. My son, the catcher, came up to me after the game, and I asked why the players and parents didn’t complain about my call. Without a moment’s hesitation he said: “well, we figured you screwed up, but we all thought you could find a way around the rule.”

    Nothing like having your ego bruised in two places at the same time.

  2. Mespo:

    Far far worse. Just deafening silence with eyes downward from the other Dads. I immediately set out to bring a Grizzly bear that I could wrestle, tame, and ride around the camp to redeem myself.

  3. JT:

    Obviously you bought the Les Stroud model. Stringing those pine boughs together was probably just as tough. Tell me did you get the perfunctory round of lawyer jokes, or just the condescending glances among the other Dads? Usually I get both.

  4. “I was trying to pitch the rain fly and that the actual tent was laying on the ground”

    I’ve done that.

  5. We survived, even with a sudden down pour. The great moment in sports was their father trying to set up a tent that we bought the night before. After I spent 30 minutes swearing to myself about the incompetent tent makers, one of the father’s pointed out that I was trying to pitch the rain fly and that the actual tent was laying on the ground. Nevertheless, they loved it — even if we were all busted when their mother found their toothbrushes untouched in their backpacks.

  6. The Scouts are in real financial trouble having to spend millions fighting off ridiculous lawsuits. I don’t give the Scouts another 10 years before they are forced to disband as a result of politically correct theater forced on us by sue happy attorneys at the beheast of the left in America.

  7. Do I feel better knowing you’re camping with Cub Scouts?

    Absolutely, yes. Our youngest son got his Eagle a year ago. You’re at the start of what can be a wonderful journey, shorter than you’d imagine.

    Plus, I hope you’ll stay involved in Cub leadership. Scouting needs volunteers with brains and ethics.

  8. I hope you guys have a blast and envy you all. My daughter is 3 and just getting ready to experience the great our doors.

    So off and tell us of your adventures when you return.


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