Video: Rep. Kanjorski Admits that Party Used War to Win Election

Pennsylvania Rep. Paul Kanjorski has attracted some Internet attention with the release of the video below where he appears to admit that the Republicans played up the war for political purposes.

In the video, Kanjorski states: “That if we won the Congressional elections, we could stop the war. Now anybody was a good student of Government would know that wasn’t true. But you know, the temptation to want to win back the Congress, we sort of stretched the facts…and people ate it up.”

There are certainly points to be given here for honesty. However, since we have lost thousands of peoples and hundreds of billions of dollars, it is a bit pricey to guarantee employment for a ruling elite.

For the video, click here.

7 thoughts on “Video: Rep. Kanjorski Admits that Party Used War to Win Election”

  1. puzzling,

    I agree with you. I would like Webb and Hegel to defect. I believe it ‘s nearly impossible to get a grass roots 3rd party without proportional voting.


  2. Jill,

    In my view a viable third party is less likely to be formed by the grassroots than by a principled defection from the two parties by members of those already in power. I can’t even say if this will happen in the coming decade, but it seems entirely unlikely. The Libertarian and Green parties are evidence of this, who have been trying to work from the ground up for some time, only to be repeatedly marginalized by the media. This isn’t a presidential race on the merits, but on how to appease and appeal to voting blocks, and who is (or isn’t) ahead in the horserace.

    The Libertarians have ballot access in 49 of the 50 states, although the nomination in 2008 was taken by two former Republicans over the established libertarians, Barr and Root. Now even some Libertarians won’t be turning out to vote for their own party, mirroring what’s happening elsewhere.

    I think the best folks can hope for is that third parties wind up being decisive in who wins among the “mainstream” candidates, perhaps forcing third party ideas into the debate.

  3. Benradi,

    I saw/heard that also. I truly feel we need a viable third party. I for one would welcome a presidential team of Webb and Hegel. All of the major presidential candidates and much of the sitting congress do not represent any but a small percentage of this nation’s populace. I am sick of all the lack of courage in acting on behalf of our soldiers and the rest of our population who isn’t able to go on golf outings and write/break the law. I just bought a second black flag for my backyard!

  4. For the sake of accuracy, Representative Kanjorski is not a republican according to his own website. He also says in the video, “we democrats” when discussing 2006 congressional campaign strategy.

  5. Consider my Black Flag RAISED! I’m forming the KATN party (kick ass, take names).


  6. Rep. Kanjorski has stated the obvious. Obvious to those of us who have not been drinking the Bush Kool-Aid these past 7 plus years. Let’s hope that the Dems use this footage in their upcoming election advertisements to hammer home the lying of this administration.

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