Helmet — Check; Boots — Check, Balloon . . . Sacré Bleu!

French skydiver Michel Fournier had everything in place todya for his much-touted attempt to break the world record for a parachute jump height. The only small problem is that his balloon left without him: bidding farewell to both the bid and over $200,000. The video is below.

At 5 am, Fournier watched his balloon break away before he could get in for the jump at 25 miles above the earth.

Fournier has repeatedly been stymied in these attempts. He has spent $20 million on such jumps, the latest dubbed “Le Grand Saut” (The Big Jump). He has reportedly spent all his owns on the effort, but has faced repeatedly barriers of weather and equipment.

For the video, click here and for the story, click here.

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